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With the internet at our fingertips, we can shop for anything anytime. If you've been exploring Medicare plans or looking for health insurance, you have found there are a great many variables to consider and even more companies to evaluate. Why not let an independent insurance professional do the work and bring the information to you?

I'm Mike Collins. My clients call me Medi Mike. I help them identify the best insurance options for their health and medical needs. I am available to them whenever they have questions or when their insurance needs change. I can do the same for you.

As an Independent Agent (representing the major companies) I am unbiased and can look out for your best interests. I'm also backed by a network of seasoned professionals. I would be honored to help you identify the best choices for your unique situation. There is no cost to you for any of my services because I am paid directly by the insurance companies. 

I can work with you virtually, without meeting face to face. That's how I serve my clients nationwide. Call, text or email today.

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